Top 5 Best Technology Resources for Seniors

Technology has come a long way, and seniors have seen it all – from men landing on the moon to medical advancement and the rise of smart and internet-connected devices. Therefore, older adults won’t be surprised to know that technology has changed the face of aging. Advanced technology and smart devices help make daily tasks easier and improve the quality of life. As more and more baby boomers approach retirement age, these five tech solutions can assist San Antonio seniors in remaining safe and healthy.

1. Medication Management Devices and Software

According to MD Magazine, seniors above the age of 65 take on average five medicines every day. The main reason for taking these medications is to improve quality of life. However, taking these medications correctly and on time can be difficult. This is where medication management devices and applications come in. These devices will help your aging parents to stay on track and alert you and other family members if they aren’t.

2. Fall Detection Alert Systems

PERS, or personal emergency response systems, have become increasingly complex. Medic wristbands and alert-like pendants can be pressed in case vitals change or when seniors are in emergencies. These devices can also detect falls even without being pressed and send automatic alerts to an emergency call center, and family and friends.

3. Financial Protection Applications

Among common types of elder abuse in San Antonio Texas, financial exploitation is the most common. According to NAPSA, one in every nine seniors has either been financially neglected or exploited. From dishonest relatives to get rich quick scams, financial exploitation is one of the problems that seniors experience. Fortunately, through advanced technology, some applications can alert seniors and close relatives of any suspicious activity with their bank accounts.

4. Smart Home Technology

According to a recent survey, most baby boomers want to stay in their homes, and for most of them, independence is important. There are home assistive devices that assist seniors in handling their day to day tasks.

These devices can be especially beneficial to seniors who have either motor or cognitive impairments. Some of these devices include auto stove shut-off systems, LED lighting, smart outlets, smart thermostats, smart smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors, smart cookware, and smart garage openers.

5. Health Tracking Systems

Smartphone applications and other cloud-based health tracking systems assist seniors and their caregivers by keeping essential information such as physician contact, medical history, health conditions, and medication schedules well-organized.

These health tracking systems also make it easier for physicians and senior caregivers to have complete access to crucial senior patient information. This enables them to make an informed treatment decision.